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Halloweentown Cast: Comprehensive Where Are They Now


October 25, 2023

The Halloweentown movies are some of the best family-friendly Halloween movies out there! With the first movie in the series coming out in 1998 and the last in 2006, it’s natural to wonder what the cast has been up to in recent years.

From (2022) Season Two Theories


March 11, 2023

From (2022) is a fantastic new horror mystery show about seemingly random people being trapped inside a town that, by all accounts, appears to be in an alternate dimension. The one road in and out of town loops back on itself. The lights turn on at the flick of a switch, but have no apparent power source. Oh, and there are monsters hunting the townspeople at night.

Harry Potter and the Parental Figures

Books Movies

November 22, 2018

There is much debate in the Harry Potter fandom over who best represents the father or parental figure for Harry, with overall leanings towards Sirius Black. However, although Sirius and Harry clearly cared for each other, there is a much better and criminally overlooked (even by Harry) alternative.

Fuck Derry: Why IT’s Beverly is Amazing

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November 15, 2018

Derry is a terrible place; fuck Derry. But this article isn’t about Derry, it’s about why one of the reasons IT worked so well is because of the amazingly strong character Beverly Marsh.

Cursed Child review from a Harry Potter Fan


August 9, 2016

The internet and Harry Potter fans as a whole seem to loathe the story, citing that it reads more like fan fiction than true canon – and I have to agree with them on that point.

The secret theory that fixes Independence Day: Resurgence


June 28, 2016

After watching, and being severely disappointed with the new Independence Day, I got to talking with a buddy about all of the issues.

This is when we came up with the theory that explains the motivation of the aliens and why they are here to begin with.

How To Beat The Demon in It Follows


March 24, 2016

It has been a long time since I’ve seen the unconventional horror film It Follows (2014), but I still find myself reflecting and thinking about how I would survive It Follows.

Why I Hate Jurassic World


July 28, 2015

Currently, Jurassic World is sitting on $1,545,405,234 worldwide – so it’s doing something right – but I hated it. Most people I’ve talked to seemed to have enjoyed the film even with what I perceive to be glaring issues, and that’s OK. But as a huge fan of the original, I was definitely left wanting.

The True Message of Majora’s Mask


October 17, 2010